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Spindler Periodontal Specialists

Aymee C. Spindler, D.D.S.
Steven J. Spindler, D.D.S.
2540 Severn Ave., Suite 402
Metairie, LA   70002


Dear Dr. Shea-
I have enclosed some photos  from your patient, Mrs. S. M.   Unfortunately her external root resorption has returned on tooth #6 in an aggressive manner.  This changes her entire treatment plan as you can imagine.
Here is a photo of the Fugi II glass ionomer restoration on the palatal aspect of #6 and the flap closure taken on 2/1/2002.
As you can see the resoration had great margins and was fully sealed.
At today's visit, only 4 months after the first surgery, here is her radiograph demonstrating a large recurrent resorption:
I have advised her that a)  #6 should be extracted.  Since the resorption came back so aggressively, the prognosis is poor.
b) she is not a good candidate for implant surgery. She is still a heavy smoker and her oral hygiene has not improved (see photo above. This is how she appears after your office just did a prophy 4-6 weeks ago.  Note the heavy plaque between #5 and 6 and the heavy stain).  c)  A fixed bridge was advised.
She will be calling your office for an appointment.  Time is of the essence because she is moving to south Carolina in 2 months and very much prefers that you complete her work befor the move.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.
Warm Regards,
Steven Spindler, D.D.S.
Paper copy to follow via USPS

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