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Periodontics offers several procedures to restore lost cosmetics and function for any patient. 


Non - surgical periodontal treatments are available for patients with mild to moderately severe forms of periodontal disease.

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Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly becomming the fastest growing segment of dental care.  Periodontics is no exception.

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Gum Surgery

Periodontal surgery can take many forms.  In this page, we discuss the type of surgery to arrest and treat periodontitis.

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Gum Grafting

Gum or "gingival" grafting refers to a procedure mostly used to replace lost gum tissue.  This can be done to improve cosmetics or to prevent further recession.  It can also be used to treat areas of sensitivity due to gum loss.

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Regeneration of lost periodontal tissues, especially bone,   is becoming more commonplace and the predictability is increasing.

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Crown Lengthen

Crown Lengthening is a procedure that has many applications.   You are a candidate for this procedure if you wish to "lengthen" the amount of visible tooth for cosmetic reasons when you think you have a "gummy" smile or if your dentist has advised you that more tooth structure must be exposed so that the tooth can be properly restored.

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Dental implants can be the next best thing for you if you are missing any of your teeth! When any teeth are lost, great consideration should be immediately given to replacing the lost teeth. Implants may be your best choice.

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Antibiotics can be used to help improve the results of conventional periodontal treatment..

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