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    C. E. Exam for Refractory Periodontitis

Please be aware that CE is valid only for Louisiana licensees.  Steven J. Spindler, D.D.S. is an approved C.E. Sponsor by The Louisiana Academy of General Dentistry.  Please fill out all of the blanks on the form below and press submit

C. E. Records will be forwarded to you as an email message.  When you receive the email, you should print it immediately and save it for your records.  Please allow up to two weeks for the receipt of your certificate.

Check back later.  We will have some other CE modules up and running by December 2003  (just in time to make the end of year deadline).


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1. Refractory patients are best characterized by which of the following?

a. do not follow your oral hygiene advice
b. do not pay their bills on time
c. continue to lose periodontal support in spite of treatment
d. fail to keep their appointments

2. Refractory patients are also characterized by which of the following?

a. foreign body impaction
b. root fractures or other root anomalies
c. generalized progressive periodontal disease
d. diabetes or other endocrine dysfuntion

3. What should you not do when treating a refractory patient?

a. keep them on their standard 6 month recall interval
b. consider medical consultations when appropriate
c. thoroughly reevaluate the patient to diagnose areas of inadequate debridement
d. consider bacteriologic testing


4. Which pair contains a species not tested for in the DNA probe test?

a. Actinobacillus actinomycetumcomitans and Prevotella intermedia
b. Fusobacterium nucleatum and Treponema denticola
c. Prophyromonas gingivalis and Bacteriodes forcythus
d. Eikenella corrodens and streptococcus sanguis


5. If you receive a consult from a periodontist where your patient has a diagnosis of refractory periodontitis, what should you expect?

a.  more communication about the proper management of the patient
b. more frequent recall appointments where the periodontist may see the patient as much as every two months
c.  periodic antimicrobial therapy, when indicated
d. all of the above


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