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Spindler Periodontal Specialists

Aymee C. Spindler, D.D.S.
Steven J. Spindler, D.D.S.
2540 Severn Ave., Suite 402
Metairie, LA   70002

Dear Dr. Batt-                                                                    Re:  SB                                February 1, 2001

Please find enclosed some photos taken on your patient today.  Tooth #21 was fractured, so it was extracted.

The crown on #18 was uncemented.  Below, you can see there will be some caries to remove.
It was recemented with temp bond.

The two top pictures in the photo below show the inlay on #13.  I think the lingual cusp is
vulnerable.  There are numerous intra-enamel fracture lines.  A full coverage restoration was advised.

These photos can be viewed online at