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Periodontal disease has been linked with Heart Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Pregnancy Problems, and Stroke.  Levels of Bacteria in Plaque Beneath the Gum Line May Increase Risk for Heart Attacks. Researchers have found evidence that the amount of bacteria in subgingival plaques, the deep plaques in periodontal pockets and around the teeth, may contribute to an individualís risk of a heart attack, according to two studies appearing in the Journal of Periodontology.  Recently, researchers also found that people with deep periodontal pockets had an increased risk for electrocardiographic abnormalities (ECG).   If you want to know how significant these correlations are go to and search for Periodontal and Heart diseases.  You will see over 125,000 references!!!    The effects on pregnancy are equally alarming.  Women with active periodontal disease have a seven fold risk for having thier babies born too early and too small.  Furthermore, periodontal inflammation plays a possible role in the development of preeclampsia, a potentially deadly condition that affects approximately 5 percent of U. S. pregnancies. Treating periodontal disease is about much more than saving your teeth; it's about you medical wellness also!  Visit our website, for more information on this.

"We are Dedicated to Oral Wellness"

The total wellness of self  is a realistic goal for everyone.    Periodontal disease affects nearly 90 percent of the population according to several sources.  Untreated, it will lead to partial or complete tooth loss, affecting mind and body.  Our practice is dedicated to the elimination of this disease and the restoration of form and function of the smile.

Whether you are a patient in our practice or simply seeking some sound, objective information, we hope you find our informative and complete.  We welcome your questions and comments.

There are many health factors which can contribute to the progression of periodontal disease. The most common are discussed under "Health Matters."   Read about recently uncovered evidence suggesting links between periodontal disease and diabetes, halitosis, heart disease, low birth weight babies and tobacco use.

"Prevention" is what we can do as individuals to make us more resistant to periodontal disease.  Topics such as how to clean your teeth and what to use are thoroughly covered. Nutritional and Vitamin recommendations are given.

New methods for "Treatments" are continually being researched.  This section will provide information as well as clinical photos of cases we have worked with.  We have state of the art procedures for gum and bone regeneration as well as new technologies and therapies to improve resistance to disease. 

"Diagnostics" are now available to determine how susceptible you and your children are to periodontal disease.  This is particularly important in knowing how to prevent children from developing periodontal disease.  Additionally, there are several ways to detect and monitor disease levels.

Most of all, we would like to extend an invitation for you to become partners in health and wellness.  "Our Office" is dedicated to your health and wellness.  We welcome you to become part of our family of patients.  Answers to most of your questions can be found in the various pages.  Please feel free to call our office anytime to schedule a consultation.  We are here to help!


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