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Health Matters Related to Periodontal Disease
bleeding gums contagious
oral cancer        oral health in cancer patients  diabetes
halitosis (breath)
heart disease
periodontal disease
self test

smoking- tobacco

oral hygiene methods
oral care products
preventive cleanings        patient's role
nutrition and vitamins

antibiotic therapies
bone regeneration
cosmetic surgery
crown lengthening
gum grafting
implants  Emdogain  extractions and sockets             guided tissue regeneration
non-surgical care
dental endoscopy periodontal surgery                after surgery

Our Office
our mission
emergency contact
the doctors

For Dental Health Professionals
Articles of interest in Periodontics

Patient Photos


Top 2 photos:   Tooth # 3 which had repeated periodontal abcesses.    Fracture of the MB root is clearly visible.

Bottom 2 photos:  the MB root has been resected.  On right you see the MB canal which had been obturated with gutta percha. It will need to be closed with resin.

A composite graft was placed itho the residual defect to regenerate as much bone as possible.  The flaps are sutured for primary closure.  Also shown is the pre op radiograph>