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Sedation Methods


Sedation “sleep” dentistry is a perfect solution for patients who dread visiting the dentist. Dr's Aymee and Steve Spindler have incorporated several highly effective sedation alternatives into their practice, including oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation. Using these techniques, the doctors can perform periodontal treatment procedures and place dental implants comfortable, pain-free visits. With sedation dentistry, patients can achieve a deep state of relaxation during their appointment and wake up in the office feeling refreshed and renewed, with little or no memory of their treatment.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a safe and cost-effective alternative to I.V. sedation. Patients who choose oral sedation are given medications to take prior to treatment and allowed to rest through their entire appointment. During treatment, patients will be able to speak and respond to commands, but when they leave the office they will have little or no memory of the procedure. The effects of the medication will wear off in a few hours and patients can return to their normal routine as soon as they feel ready.

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