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C. E. Exam Template

This is an explanation of the purpose of the form ...

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1. How many pockets can be treated with each dose of Arestin?

a. three
b. two
c. one
d. four

2. Which product contains minocycline?

a. Periochip
b. Atridox
c. Arestin
d. Actisite

3. Which was the first product used for local drug delivery in periodontal therapy?

a. Arestin
b. Atridox
c. Periochip
d. Actisite


4. In reading the studies that were used to obtain FDA approval, which product was tested as a monotherapy and resulted in significant pocket depth reductions?

a. Atridox
b. Actisite
c. Arestin
d. Periochip


5. In the FDA study used to gain approval, which product did not evaluate changes in the periodontal bacterial flora?

a. Arestin
b. Atridox
c. Actisite
d. Periochip


        Enter the subject name of the test you are submitting.


Enter the name of your dental office.


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