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Image Interpretation

Each image seen from an endoscope is seen as a circle.  With The Perioscope, the image is magnified 24-48 times. Here are some examples.  The first one shown below on the left is the familiar face of Abraham Lincoln from The United States five dollar bill. Immediately to the right is The President's left eye.


Another example below is the 37 cent stamp of The US Postal service. The image on the left is the whole stamp taken with a digital camera.  The image on the right is the lower left corner of the stamp.  You will note, however, the endoscopic images have less resolution.  Keep in mind, the bundle has 10,000 pixels as compared to the digital camera photos that have 1.2 megapixels.

Furthermore, the meaningful portion of an image seen with The Perioscope amounts to a semicircle.  This is because the bundle holder has a shield at the very tip.  The shield is used to gently displace and retract the gingiva while viewing the root.


In the endoscopic photo below, one sees  a large, plain grey area in the top left of the viewing area.  This represents the image of the shield.  The root surface with a large piece of calculus is evident.


Dental Endoscopy C.E. Review for Dental Professionals

bulletEndoscopy- Seeing is Believing.
bulletThe Perioscopic Primer
bullet Image Interpretation
bullet Endoscopy for Diagnosis
bulletEndoscopically Assisted Root Debridement
bulletC.E. Quiz

As always,  Aymee and I welcome your referrals and would be happy to discuss any case where you think endoscopy may be beneficial for your patient. Your confidence is appreciated!

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