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Do Your Gums Bleed?

We are confronted almost every day with patients who think that it is normal that their gums occasionally bleed. Very simply stated, bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation and potentially a much more serious underlying problem!

In most cases, bleeding from the gums are associated with plaque deposits which have resulted in gingivitis. In this stage, the tiny capillaries which nourish the gums become engorged. Cells which combat the plaque infection begin to migrate into the gums to wage war with the bacteria. The gums may become swollen, a bit redder and may bleed when manipulated during brushing, flossing or chewing.

Here are some examples. None of these three patients had any idea that this was a problem!!

This is not normal. If your gums ever bleed you need to contact our office for a consultation! Hesitation will lead to the development of periodontitis.