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The Relationship between Heredity and Periodontal Disease

Current studies suggest that periodontal disease is influenced by heredity. As clinicians, we are often confronted by patients who simply seem to be more susceptible to periodontal damage. In fact many of our patients comment that their patients or their siblings have also had periodontal problems. Your genetic makeup has the potential to make you more susceptible to periodontitis.

Juvenile Periodontitis is a condition where patients rapidly lose bone around selected teeth. In some cases it can affect all of the teeth. For many years, it has been observed that this largely occurs in families and can be traced through generations. Abnormal genes were first isolated for this condition in the 1980's.

Recently, using more modern DNA techniques, susceptibilities have been demonstrated to the adult form of periodontitis. A commercially available test has recently been developed to test for genetic susceptibility. We advise this test when patients tell us they have several family members with periodontal problems. Positive test results often influences the way you are treated.

If you think that you have a heredity factor please contact our office for further diagnosis, advice and treatment.

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