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Emdogain is a recently introduced product that fools the body into forming new bone, cementum, and attachment fibers. Technically, it is enamel matrix proteins (amelogenins) that are taken from developing teeth in pigs. These proteins are similar in all mammals, and humans do not recognize them as foreign. There is also no chance of transmission of any bacteria or virus by the proteins. In tooth development, the secretion of these proteins onto the developing root surface precedes the formation of tooth attachment. A similar action occurs when the proteins are placed on a root surface that has lost bone and attachment from disease. When applied to the root surface during surgery, these proteins assemble into an insoluble matrix layer that promotes the attachment of mesenchymal cells. These cells produce new matrix components and growth factors that participate in the regain of tooth attachment. Emdogain also inhibits epithelial cell growth that could interfere with proper tissue and bone reformation.

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