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Dental Endoscopy

Non - surgical periodontal treatments are enhanced by the vision obtained with using our Perioscope.   The procedure is best used for patients with mild to moderately severe forms of periodontal disease.  In many cases patients can be fully treated without surgery.     

Dental Professionals:  for CE on Endoscopy, be sure to click the links at the bottom of the page.

perioscope.jpg (7641 bytes) With this device we can:

• Visualize your root surfaces, tooth structure and other areas that normally cannot be seen unless surgery is performed.
• We can locate and remove residual or missed areas of calculus that prevent your gums from healing.
• This allows more complete healing to take place
• We can also diagnose other problems below the gum line, such as fractures of the root and cavities.

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently acquired the most advanced technology in the area of non-invasive periodontal therapy. The DV2 Perioscopy System is a medical grade endoscope with a miniaturized tip. It allows us to image the root surface in the subgingival environment. Therefore, we can see the actual results of root debridement while root planing is performed. The live time, magnified image is viewed on a chair side LCD screen. Additionally, the images can be captured in a computer file or even recorded on a standard VCR.


I. Root Debridement

bulletPeriodontitis patients where an alternative to surgery is desirable. There is still no replacement for the access flap surgery provides to restore periodontal health. However, occasionally we are confronted with a patient who cannot undergo periodontal surgery for a variety of reasons. For these patients, with The DV2 Perioscopy System we can offer a minimally invasive option that goes beyond conventional blind root planing.
bulletRefractory sites not responding to conventional therapy. Allows for pinpoint calculus localization and elimination.
bulletFurcation visualization. Enhanced debridement of furcations in conjunction with flap surgery or in a closed procedure.
bulletPeriodontal Regeneration. Improved root debridement in regenerative procedures.

II. Diagnosis

bulletRoot fractures
bulletRoot anomalies
bulletSubgingival crown margins
bulletSubgingival caries
bulletAiling/Failing Implants

Specifications- 0.99 mm flexible, medical grade endoscope. 24-48 magnification. 10,000 pixel waveguide fiber with high resolution CMOS camera and metal halide illumination. LCD Video display

We know that by incorporating The DV2 Perioscopy System into our practice we can offer your patients a new dimension in treatment options. Our goal is to insure that your patients receive the highest quality of periodontal services available. The addition of The DV2 Perioscopy System to our practice is part of our commitment to offer the finest dentistry available anywhere.  Please feel free to ask us for more information on this exciting advancement in periodontal treatment.

Dental Endoscopy C.E. Review for Dental Professionals

bulletEndoscopy- Seeing is Believing.
bulletThe Perioscopic Primer
bullet Image Interpretation
bullet Endoscopy for Diagnosis
bulletEndoscopically Assisted Root Debridement
bulletC.E. Quiz

As always,  Aymee and I welcome your referrals and would be happy to discuss any case where you think endoscopy may be beneficial for your patient. Your confidence is appreciated!

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Photograph on this page is courtesy of Dentalview, Inc.  Irvine, CA