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Dr. Aymee and Steven Spindler are Periodontists.  They have practiced in Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans,   since 1983.


Periodontists are dentists who have limited their practice to the treatment of periodontal disease. They have had extensive advanced postdoctoral training following dental school.

The Doctors:

Dr. Steve Spindler earned his dental degree from LSU School of Dentistry. He completed his residency in 1983 at LSU Medical Center. As a periodontist, Dr. Steve specializes in implant reconstruction and regenerative therapy, as well as one of the latest non surgical treatments for periodontal disease, periodontal endoscopy. He maintains active memberships in the American Academy of Periodontology, the American Dental Association, the Louisiana Dental Association and the New Orleans Dental Association. His research on juvenile periodontitis, a form of periodontal disease that affects adolescents, was featured in the Journal of Periodontology, the renowned professional journal of The American Academy of Periodontology (JOP 57:(5) 300-304). Additionally, Dr. Steve’s writes a column which is published quarterly in the Louisiana Academy of General Dentistry Newsletter. Most of the columns from that publication are also published on this web site in the section titled, "For Dental Professionals."

Dr. Aymee Spindler graduated from LSU with Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biological Sciences. Like Dr. Steve, she also earned her dental degree from LSU School of Dentistry. She underwent her residency in 1985 at LSU Medical Center. She is a member of the same dental associations. Dr. Aymee focuses chiefly on cosmetic and regenerative periodontics and oral medicine; she attends several courses covering the latest developments in these fields throughout each year. She contributed to clinical research on a rare, recently discovered autoimmune disease was published last year in the prestigious journal, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, and Oral Surgery (Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology, 2003; 96 (6)).

Drs. Steve and Aymee Spindler have traveled far and wide in pursuit of the latest findings in their areas of expertise. The two performed free dentistry with several of their contemporaries in Honduras as part of a charity mission. Each year, they attend the American Academy of Periodontology convention, which is held in various locales from Orlando to San Francisco to Chicago. Drs. Spindler also hold frequent educational lectures on the latest periodontal innovations. They host these seminars for local dental professionals.

Drs. Spindler have worked together since 1987 in their present location. Their office maintains state-of-the-art dental technology, administering periodontal as well as whole body care in a pleasant environment. They provide a unique combination of innovative medicine and relaxation therapy, as the office features such amenities as aromatherapy, serene music, comfortable accommodations and sedation therapy for those with anxiety about dentistry. Drs. Steve and Aymee Spindler graciously welcome you into their periodontal practice!


Your general dentist refers you for periodontal treatment when it has been determined that your teeth and the supporting structures require specialized care that is best performed by a periodontist. By referring you to a periodontist, your general dentist is demonstrating concern that you obtain excellent periodontal care.  We will make every effort to treat our patients with the latest techniques periodontics has to offer in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


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