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Self Test Assessment

Please answer the following questions to determine if you are at risk for periodontal disease.  Put a check mark in each box where your answer is yes.

The first 6 questions help to determine your suceptibility to periodontal disease.   The more check marks you have the higher the probability you will have periodontal disease

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1. Are you irregular in your flossing habits?

2. Are you irregular in your dental appointments (less than once a year)?

3. Are you smoker?

4. Are you a diabetic?

5. Are you under unusual stress?

6. Have your parents or siblings lost any teeth due to periodontal disease or have any of them had previous periodontal therapy?

If you have checked any of the above boxes,  you are at a higher risk for having periodontal disease.  You should be examined.

The following question will help you determine if you already have a periodontal problem.  Any positive response points to an existing periodontal problem and you should have a consultation.

1.  Do your gums ever bleed when you brush or floss?

2.. Do you ever notice an unpleasant taste or breath?

3.  Are any of your teeth loose?

4.  Have you ever had teeth that are sensitive to cold?

5.  Do any of your gums appear more receded than others?

6. Have you noticed pus between your teeth and gums?

7. Have you noticed any change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite?
8. Do you ever develop sores in your mouth?

If you have checked any of these boxes, you are already demonstrating signs of periodontal disease.  You should have an examination ASAP.


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